Dirty Yoga Mat?



Do you ever think about how much dirt, sweat, and bacteria your yoga mat accumulates over time?  It’s actually pretty gross, even if it doesn’t look visibly dirty.  Yeah, you should wipe off your mat after each use (and before if in a public gym) but who knows if the people before you wiped it down?  And how many people using their own personal mat clean it between uses?

Did you know you can easily wash your yoga mat in the washing machine?  You’d be surprised how much grime comes out! (See brackish gray water in photo… YUCK!)

Simply put your mat in the machine, add usual detergent, fill machine as if washing a large/super load, and wash on a medium/light setting. **Be sure to stop it before it gets to the spin cycle!  The agitator may damage some mats**
Hang in shower or outdoors to dry.  It make take 12-24 hours to dry completely.

Repeat as needed for a clean yoga practice! ☺️


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